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A New Card for Annie

April 1, 2009

After a hard day’s work in the studio yesterday, Annie and I headed out to our favorite pub for a beer and fish n chips, followed up by a trip to Target. Nothing beats doing a little shopping while you have a nice buzz going. We did our usual thing, laughed at all the awesome, silly things in the 1 Spot for a bit… we usually come away with at least one or two items from there that we never knew we needed. I grabbed some Reece’s Easter eggs ( I like the proportion of more peanut butter in these) and I think Annie got some sort of handy note book organizer. We then went our separate ways so she could look at girl stuff and I was off to get some random stuff for around the house. I noticed the 2008 baseball cards were on sale for 50% off, so grabbed a couple blaster boxes of Topps Series One. The 2008 Topps have looked pretty good in my collage so far, especially the Target Exclusive cards. Of course, Annie always makes fun of me for getting baseball cards.

After settling in back home I opened up the boxes of cards and was surprised when Annie sat down asked if she could open a pack. It was the first pack of baseball cards she’s ever opened. She surprised me when she said “Jason Bay. He plays on the Red Sox now.” I had to do a double take because Annie tries hard most of the time to make fun of, and act completely disinterested in anything involving baseball or sports, for that matter. She then reached for more packs and admitted that she was having fun. She broke out in laughter after discovering a card of Bill Richardson, Democrat. I explained to her that sometimes they throw in non-sports cards and that there’s an even an Obama card. We both continued opening up packs and I was happy to see Annie having such a good time with this. I found a card of her “other boyfriend”, Mike Lowell. Yes, despite the fact she doesn’t care for baseball, like many girls in New England, she has a “Red Sox boyfriend”. She likes Mike Lowell because he’s smart and doesn’t spit as much as the other guys.

“Woohoo!” she said, “cool”. She held up a card of Obama. It was fun to see her get excited about pulling a good card. She now has 3 cards in her collection… 1 Obama card and 2 Mike Lowell.



Annie makes jewelry and I suppose her interest in baseball cards is similar to my interest in her beads. I will occasionally see a bead that makes me say, “whoa, that’s cool.” I even have a fish bead of my own and admit that some of the stone beads are gorgeous. We share our interests with each other and that’s the best thing of all.

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  1. April 9, 2009 9:54 pm

    Awesome card. (I think beads are boring, too.)

  2. April 22, 2009 11:50 pm

    What is the third, or Does she have 2 obama cards? Anyways I bought like a single pack of Barack Obama cards, they’re okay. Anyways glad to see she is having fun with this crazy hobby! Rock on!!! This makes me wanna get more cards and find something interesting to do with them instead of just put ’em in card pages and let ’em sit there!

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