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Vintage Matchbooks

April 11, 2009

Yesterday Annie and I went snooping around some local antique stores and I came across some cool vintage matchbooks for 25 cents each. There are some great ads for everything from hotels to gas stations. Not only are they fun to look at, but they’re also interesting to read. One restaurant ad says “Air conditioned for your comfort”. And why not “Eat at Jenks”? After all, they are The Home of REAL COFFEE! Another even more bizarre matchbook urges women: “Don’t just sit there, nag your husband.” On the reverse side it reads “Stamp out Cadillacs.”


We guess these were made in the 60’s or perhaps earlier. The pin-up girls are especially fantastic. One woman is posing on the beach with her unmentionables on display, and the naughty caption reads “See-worthy”.

I can’t wait to collage these on a table top or maybe a mirror. With the resin finish they will be on permanent display in one piece. When life gives you matchbooks, make art!

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