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Taking One for the Team

April 21, 2009

It can’t be easy standing at the plate while someone fires a 93 mph fast ball at you. If a pitcher loses control and the ball sails toward the batter, they can either get the heck out of the way or suffer the consequences. You’d have to be a glutton for punishment to just stand there and take it.

Watching the Red Sox in the summer of ’86 as a kid, I can distinctly remember watching a guy who did just that. Stand there and take one for the team. I mean, he didn’t even flinch! I’d often watch the Sox with my grandparents and we’d always laugh when Don Baylor came to the plate and take bets on whether he’d get hit by a pitch or not. After all, he did like to crowd the plate. We wondered, was it part of his strategy? I think so. That year he homered 31 times and was beaned 35 times. In any case, we sure had fun watching him.

The mighty Don Baylor.

The mighty Don Baylor.

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