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1986 Topps Box Break

May 9, 2009

Recently I found a good deal on a box of 1986 Topps baseball cards and decided to scoop it up. Busting open these old wax packs was definitely a fun trip down memory lane.

In the summer of ’86 I was 11 years old and my best friends Ryan and Tyler, both brothers, introduced me to baseball cards. I loved baseball, but this baseball card thing was a mystery to me, and Ryan and Tyler quickly filled me in on the details. Before long, it became a ritual for us to head to the flea market on Saturdays and buy packs of cards, then spend a few hours afterwards discussing our finds and making trades. Cards of Dwight Gooden, Rickey Henderson, Roger Clemens, Don Mattingly and Wade Boggs traded at a premium.

These days, Ryan and Tyler both live far away, but I decided to drop a few packs for each of them in the mail. I hope they pull some good cards and have as much fun as I did reliving the summer of ’86. Hopefully Ryan pulls Mattingly, his favorite player at the time.

Here are some cards I pulled from this box.

Cards pulled from a box of 1986 Topps.

Cards pulled from a box of 1986 Topps.

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